A Dog With A Bone

I did not vote for President Obama. Now, to give credit where it's due: he was intelligent, articulate, and obviously had a handle on his bearing-- all of which are qualities we hope to see in any person holding the position of President of the United States. However, I did not agree with his political views and, thus, he did not receive my vote.

Enter: President Trump. I am more in line with his political views than those who have run against him, so that's where my vote went. He's also intelligent, as articulate as he's ever been, and... well... then there's his Twitter account. If he were a dog, someone would have swiped his nose with a newspaper and told him, "Bad boy!" by now. But obviously, that hasn't happened. He's still typing away, and I've got bruises from all the face-palms I'm giving myself.

I'm enjoying his Presidency, overall. I like the fact that both political "sides" are up-in-arms over his complete disregard for the game they've been playing for decades. I also like the fact that he's exactly the same person while holding the Office of President as he was before holding that seat of power. (Anyone who thinks he "changed" once he got into Office-- as many politicians do --either hasn't been paying attention, or is simply delusional.)

That said, I shouldn't be surprised by his Twitter antics. But in all honesty, I am. My biggest complaint about his Presidency is the fact that I have to take responsibility for what he Tweets. Because let's be clear: Donald Trump gets to say whatever the hell he likes, and whatever fallout that comes from it is solely upon him. But when the President of the United States speaks, he is speaking for all of us: his words are our words; his behavior is our behavior.

So please, someone, take away his squeeky toy. Thank you.