One of the biggest issues American culture has created is side-leaning media. Every media source (of which there are actually few, regardless of how many TV or Radio stations exist, or how many different publications you see) seems to have decided to sponsor a particular viewpoint. Gone are the days of our media simply reporting news, now they have to "perform" it to meet someone's agenda.

This means we can no longer fully rely on, or trust, our media sources. We always have to wonder what they're not telling us, what part of the story they're intentionally leaving out, in order to manipulate our thoughts and actions.

We have to question why they choose to reveal someone's race or religion in one story, but not another. Why they choose to tell us about a school murder in one instance, but leave out the countless lives lost in gang violence across the country. Why they harp on one piece of Legislation being passed, but not others. Or whether they choose to condemn, or praise, a politician on a particular subject.

The bottom line is, we can't rely on a single source of news. It is in our best interest to listen to multiple sides of every story... to include news originating outside our own country, like the BBC.

This section is where I rant about the Media in general, and specific stories they've chosen to cover or not.