The story of Troy Davis sucks.

Troy Davis was accused of killing a police officer in 1989. It is now 2011, and, to date, no physical evidence, or DNA, has been produced to link Troy Davis with the crime. None. Zero. And eye-witness testimony? Seven of the nine witnesses have recanted their testimony.

Hearing those facts, one would expect Troy Davis to be released... hell, one might even wonder why he was imprisoned in the first place. Yet on September 21, he was put to death. I've placed this article in my "Bad Media" section because we, the general public, have not been kept aware of all the details of this case... a case in which we are responsible for the loss of a man's life.

I'm all for the Death Penalty. On the same day Troy Davis was executed, we killed James Byrd Jr. in Texas for dragging a man to death behind his pick-up truck. It took 13 years to get it done, which I think was far too long for tax payers, but he's finally gone. The difference? The evidence was overwhelming against James Byrd Jr. and his buddies. The same cannot be said in about the Troy Davis case.

I've read news articles all across the Internet claiming that Troy Davis got more than his fair share of courtroom time, and even had his case reviewed by the Supreme Court. Why, then, was he executed? It wasn't because the evidence supported it, that much is absolute fact. Which brings me back to "more than his fair share of courtroom time". How do that many judges read this case and decide that Troy Davis had to die?

It needs to be said that the Death Penalty did not fail, here. Our people did. James Byrd Jr. needed, and deserved, to die. He and his buddies dragged a man to death because of the color of his skin; they did so willingly, and with malice, and with cruelty in mind. I do not know if Troy Davis killed that police officer... but neither does our Judicial System, nor the many judges who reviewed the case and upheld the decision to execute him. Therefore, Troy Davis did not need, nor deserve, to die.

It's time for accountability. Do not blame the Death Penalty, hold the people responsible for making such a negligent, and unjust, decision accountable. The system is only as good as the people we put in charge of it, and they all failed on this one. Supreme Court justices hold their position for life... I say it might be time to change that. They allowed a possibly innocent man to die, against the very rule of Law which states "beyond a reasonable doubt" and "innocent until PROVEN guilty". This case proved that we've given our courts the ability to kill a man when there is reasonable doubt, and the power to treat a man as guilty until proven innocent.

Call your representatives: Congressmen, Governors, the White House. Let them know that we will not tolerate this massive abuse of power within our legal system. And we want accountability.

In 2008, David Crowe, a man who admitted to robbing, beating, and shooting a store owner, was granted clemency for his crimes by the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles.

Seriously, folks... something needs to be done about our system. A man admits to murder, and gets to serve life in prison. A man who claims innocence, and with absolutely no physical evidence to prove his guilt, gets sentenced to Death. All by the exact same State.

Something else was pointed out to me today, too: maybe there is evidence the public hasn't been made aware of. I call bullshit. As the public which these laws effect, we deserve to be assured that our system of Justice is fair and unbiased. I have yet to find ANY source which backs up the court's claim that Troy Davis was guilty without any reasonable doubt. Therefore, according to the facts I have available, our system- and the people in it- are corrupt. Our entire society... let me say that again... our ENTIRE society is responsible for every death row casualty. Not just the judges involved, not just the jury, but our entire society. That means that you and I killed Troy Davis as surely as the guy who pulled the lever. I deserve to know, for certain, that I did not send an innocent man to his death.

Pick up your phone, write letters and emails, and most important of all... remember these people when election time comes. Get them the hell out of the system.