The entire concept of Business in America needs an overhaul. Our Capitalist society is a great and powerful thing: it encourages better decision-making and self-improvement in business owners, and rewards society with better products and lower prices through competition. However, we've lost sight of a very important fact about businesses which has led to a loop-hole in Constitutional Rights.

Businesses are not people. Because we have lost sight of that fact, the Government is able to impede, or outright deny, a person's individual Constitutional Rights under the guise of attacking their "business" and not them, personally. Therefore, if you own a business you lose your Rights as an American.

For example, a fairly recent case involving a bakery appeared on the news. The story goes that a gay couple wanted to purchase a wedding cake. The business owners, who do not agree with gay marriage, or the gay lifestyle in general, refused to accept their business.

Time to whip out the Constitution. Do the AMERICAN owners of the bakery have the Right to refuse partaking in a lifestyle they do not agree with? Yes. (And let me point out that this should be obvious to every American.) Regardless of your personal feelings about homosexuality, gay marriage, or gay people in general, our Constitution clearly states that every American has the Right to their personal beliefs.

So that being said, the Government could not, by Constitutional Law, force the AMERICAN business owners to go against their beliefs. Therefore, instead, they forced the Bakery to fufil the order or be punished... which, if you're paying attention, means the business owner gets punished.

Understand the loophole yet? The Government has the power to force you to make a choice: give up your Constitutionally guaranteed personal beliefs or they'll punish you through your business. How exactly is this what America is supposed to stand for? You get to be an American, with all the Rights guaranteed therein, but only so long as you're willing to allow the Government (local, State, or Federal) to force you to give up those Rights at their beck and call?

The Constitution must prevail in call cases, and for ALL Americans... business owner or not. As I stated before, a "Right" is something which applies to everyone or it isn't a "Right" at all. And using someone's status as a business owner to deny them their Constitutional Rights is no different than denying those Rights based on their Sex, their wealth, their Political party, etc. and thereby declaring that the Right you are denying was never really a Right at all.

And that's not America.

Another aspect of Business which needs to change is Taxing businesses. I believe (and I'm still working on this one, folks) that a Business' bank account should be considered part of the business. And as a non-person, that money should be non-taxable on it's own. Now, if a purchase is made, those Dollars are Taxed like any other spent money. But at no point should the Government be requiring a business owner to pay Taxes simply for the existence of the business. When money moves from the business account to an employee's account-- including the business owner-- then the Income Tax comes into play. (Which I also have a problem with, but I currently have no idea how to effectively reduce Taxes to a single-Tax system.) This would, in theory, keep a business in the green longer since the business owner's Taxes are based solely on his income from the Company, and does not include company assets-- including it's bank account. However, this does mean that if the business goes into financial debt, all assets associated with the business (including its bank account) can be seized in full. But that's a risk the business owner takes-- how much money to "pay himself" as opposed to how much money to keep directly in the business.

This also removes the argument of a "business" donating to political campaigns and the like. If a business owner wishes to make a donation, he must pay himself-- opening up that money to Taxes-- and then donate personally.