Once we have developed the means to properly communicate, it is time to start defining the basis of our civilization. As Americans, we believe in the Rights of our people. Granted, one could argue we believe in the Rights of all people... but since it is imperative that we actually practice what we preach, we need to begin our focus on how we're living before getting involved in how other countries are handling their affairs.

This brings us to the Constitution. It needs a rewrite, desperately. I believe we are currently the laughing stock of the rest of the world, and with good reason. We claim to believe in Free Speech, for example, but say the word "cunt" in public. Or put down the President in his presence. If you're not familiar with why that's a problem, go do some research. No, really... go look it up. You need to see it for yourself to truly appreciate it. Understand that it could become a very bad day for you even though our Constitution says it shouldn't.

In order to properly rewrite the Constitution, we need to start at the top. We have to clearly define what a "Right" is. If you can do it here, but not there, then it's not a "Right". If he can do it, but she can't, it's not a "Right". When you are able to pick and choose when a "Right" can be denied, or who you're going to let it apply to, then that's what we call oppression, not Freedom.

But wait... what if it's my home? Well now we have to discuss an order of Precedence. Are there times when my Rights outrank yours? You betcha... my home. But obviously not all Rights, because you have the Right to Life even in my house. Uh.. unless you're trying to take my Life or property from me. Ok, we'll wait for the next section -Laws- before discussing that. For now, your Rights are my Rights, and visa versa; and given that neither of us has established ourselves as a criminal, we're equally entitled to demonstrate those Rights.

The Constitution needs to be written, first and foremost, in the National Language. No American should have trouble reading and understanding the Constitution. We could discuss disabilities here, but I'd like to think you're more intelligent than that. A blind person would learn Braille, and a mute person would speak in Sign. So... moving on. Every American should be familiar with the Constitution. I would teach it right after teaching Language. Hell, I would begin discussing it as soon as a child has the capacity to communicate. Obviously, it is imperative that every American fully understands what it means to be, and live as, an American.

The Constitution would spell out each Right. It would be taught that each Right is considered an "Individual" Right, whereby one person is as equally entitled to a Right as every other person given that they are each in a place of equality. A public park, a public anything, and we're equals. If we're in my home, I get to set the rules. If we're in your church, your church sets the rules. In this way, we can see that the Constitution should clearly define whether or not a person is "in the wrong" for doing or saying a particular thing. This should make creating, and enforcing, Laws a much easier task.

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