America is supposed to be an example of how people with different beliefs and lifestyles can live together in peace. Our Constitution is meant to define what Rights every citizen possesses regardless of any number of various differences human beings are born with (such as race, sex, or physical attributes), or choices we've made (such as religious beliefs and lifestyle).

I believe we have lost sight of this fact. Somewhere along the way, we decided that Government control should take precedence over personal control, that it's ok to limit the Freedoms of the innocent based on the actions of the criminals, and that for the sake of peace we should forego any loyalty to our Country.

Instead of being brought together by our leadership, and our media, we are being mind-fucked into viewing each other as The Enemy. That is to say, instead of holding an individual criminal responsible for his or her actions, we are being told it's a Race War, or Religious War, or Political War in order to foster distrust and hatred towards our fellow Americans; instead of being taught to discuss our multitude of opinions, we're urged to heckle, mock, distrust, and even hate those with a different viewpoint; instead of viewing each other as Americans, we're being taught to view each other as Republican or Democrat, Religious or Atheist, the color of our skin, or the Nationality of our ancestors.

This is only a small sample of the wedges being driven into our American society. Which, of course, means we are no longer an American society at all. An American society would recognize that each individual is, in fact, an individual. That there is no such thing as a belief, or lifestyle, which appeals to everyone. That there is absolutely no way to make a statement, or share an opinion, that everyone is going to agree with or like. That disagreement is not the same thing as hatred.

So how do you establish a way of life which respects each individual's views, while still maintaining a common set of Laws and Social Standards? You cannot do that by writing Laws based on Religion, nor can you write Laws which stem from human emotion, since each varies by such a wide margin. More so when you factor in "Morals" since-- by definition-- my personal morals can never be the same as yours.

In this section, I will outline what I feel would be a fair and impartial way of developing a true American society. That is to say, a manner of living which grants each individual the same set of Rights, and holds each person individually accountable.

Note that I did not say everyone's usage of said Rights must be agreed with or even liked. If someone wished to pray before eating, you do not have to like it, but you also do not have the Right to forbid it within any realm you do not control. (More on that later.)

Anyhow, feel free to contact me with any ideas you have for improving this concept, or if you would just like to gripe about my beliefs.