I was born in Dallas, Texas on April 20, 1971. When I graduated from Sunset High School, I decided to join the United States Army--both as a means of getting out of the house and a desire to serve my country. My original intention was to make a career of it, but when my contract with the military came to an end in 1993, I left to pursue a civilian career as a computer operator instead of re-enlisting; I came to regret that decision.

I quickly found that I was not well-suited for civilian life. I returned to military service through the Texas National Guard while working for a prominent communications company in Dallas, Texas. Then, the events of 9/11 triggered my return to "Active Duty", and I left my computer career behind for good. I moved over to the Air Force as a radio operator and spent the rest of my military career working as a satellite operator at Schriever AFB in Colorado.

An unfortunate run-in with an I.E.D. prompted my medical release from military service in 2011, and I returned home to Dallas, Texas shortly thereafter. It took a few years to readjust to civilian life and come to grips with the aftermath of the incident--memory issues, P.T.S.D., and the inability to deal with people. I decided to take up writing as a way to occupy my time and avoid most social interactions, and thus my career as a writer began.

I focus solely on short stories as it best suits my personality; I'm simply not driven to create expansive worlds and I find myself getting bored if I stay within the confines of a single story for too long. And I've chosen to write within the Horror genre simply because of my fascination with fear--and probably because the first novel I ever read for the sake of reading was The Stand by Stephen King.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy my tales as I type them out for you. What's a little Boo! between friends, after all?