My name is Richard M. McCord II; otherwise known as Rabbit. This website is my personal outlet for ranting about all things America.

I'm a veteran of multiple wars and on disability. As such, I have very strong feelings about the way veterans are treated, and the Veteran's Hospital. Ok, I have strong feelings about a great many things- which you'll soon realize- but it's human nature to get focused on the things which affect us personally.

I go out of my way to try and understand the perspective of other people. This is not to say that I try to agree with other people. I have no problem with disagreement. I do, however, have a problem with someone demanding that I accept their point of view while not giving the same courtesy. Hypocrisy is something I rant about quite a bit. I believe one of the reasons "America" exists is to allow the sharing of ideas, even those we disagree with.

This website is full of my opinions. I am not a doctor, and I hold no Degrees. Therefore, do not take anything you read on this website as gospel. I do my best to stay informed, but we can only go by the information we have access to.

Enjoy your time here, and feel free to contact me with your questions, comments, or to point me towards some current event going on in the world- I might even write about it.

- Richard M. McCord II